Friday, April 22, 2011

Ramblings of an insane man in an otherwise sane world

I have been rambling, muttering and whining on various blogs for quite some time now and I realized today that I've even lost track of some of my ramblings. Hence I decided to consolidate all of my writings at one place and therefore created this blog. This way I won't have to go from one place to another to keep track of my posts.

Like the title of this blog suggests, its not for some specific purpose, but is just a place where I would like to vent out my frustrations  and share my opinions and experiences of living in this civilized world. I hope I find a few more like minded freaks out there who too feel that we need to break out of this circle and change things around us, change things for the better, something that has not happened in this world for a very long time.

Look forward to keeping in touch with my insane friends and reaching out to more of them through this blog.


Moon Hisam

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